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Legging Infinity Graphite

Legging Infinity Graphite

Modern leggings with differentiated waistband, ruffled detail with adjustment, custom shoelace. Made in Maxxi fabric, with an icy touch and high compression with cutouts in Trilobal fabric that brings together comfort, power, soft touch, and is durable because it is a Ketten fabric. Developed with the revolutionary Lycra® Xtra Life, the most advanced technology in elastomeric yarns, which resists ten times more chlorine than a conventional elastane. Extremely resistant, it does not deform, not even after washing and has excellent strength.

Special Cares

  • Dirty clothes should not be accumulated for a long time, and should be kept dry and away from sunlight and in a cool and ventilated place (never leave them packed in plastic bags);
  • Wash clothes by hand
  • Separate light and dark colors;
  • Use neutral soaps, always using the amount indicated by the manufacturer (the soap must have a guarantee that it is specific for delicate items);
  • Do not soak;
  • Do not wring and do not store wet.

Composition: 85% Polyamide - 15% Elastane/ Made in Brazil.

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